Hom2Stay Malaysia

Hom2Stay is a new name coined by Malaysian vacation rental owners.

Most of the Malaysian vacation rental owners refer their business as Homestay now. Recently, the word Homestay is reserved by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia for businesses who take part in HomeStay Programme. Hence, the word HomeStay is prohibited to be used unless they take part in the programme. To-date, there's no law enforcement by the authority against those who still use the name but do not take part in the programme.

In view of the above, vacation rental owners in Malaysia are searching for a suitable name for their business. Vacation Rental is used by many BUT it's not well accepted in Malaysia for the reason that it's not popular among Malaysian. For example:

  • Search traffic for "vacation rental melaka" is 10 per month recorded by Google
  • Search traffic for "homestay melaka" is 18,100 per month recorded by Google

It's not sure whether businesses owners will start to use Hom2Stay. Currently, the acceptance of the name is quite low, judging from the stats below

  • Search traffic for "hom2stay" is 0 per month recorded by Google
  • Search traffic for "hom2stay melaka" is also 0 per month recorded by Google
Google even offers search keyword correction suggestions to "homestay melaka" if you try to search "hom2stay melaka".

If Hom2Stay is well accepted among consumer and business owners, we will start to see more names like the below:

Well, we created this site just so we are ready. In case, Malaysia law enforcer decided to totally ban the use of homestay and endorse Hom2Stay.

We at LetsGoHoliday.my definitely prefer the use of the work Vacation Rental BUT we have to go with the market demand.


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